Talking Sales with a BILLION dollar sales trainer – Interview with April Shprintz

In this week’s episode, Jerry Durham welcomes business strategist and growth expert April Shprintz to discuss the transformative power of cross-industry insights and the “generosity culture” in scaling businesses. April shares her journey from a humble beginning through a stellar career that spans over 94 industries, providing listeners with actionable strategies that any business can implement to enhance their operations and customer relationships.

Episode Highlight: “Sometimes you’ve got a provider that’s having an incredibly difficult time providing a service that no one values. The clients don’t value it, the staff doesn’t value it, but they think they’re supposed to be doing it and they’re wasting all this energy on it.”

What You’ll Learn:

April’s Background and Diverse Experience: From military service to leading a startup to a $7 billion IPO, April’s unique path has equipped her with unparalleled insights into business growth and client care across multiple sectors, including healthcare, software, and more
The Generosity Culture: April explains how her framework focuses on investing in people—employees, clients, and the community—to drastically increase business revenue while reducing working hours.

Cross-Industry Innovation: Discover how experiences in one industry can revolutionize standard practices in another, as April provides examples from her work in the MediSpa and software sectors.

Client-Centric Strategies: Learn about the importance of understanding customer needs and how to leverage unhappy customer feedback to drive business improvements.

The Power of Giving First: April and Jerry discuss the benefits of providing value without immediate expectations, enhancing brand loyalty and client referrals through genuine service.

Networking and Referrals: Insights into how a culture of cooperation rather than competition with peers can lead to surprising business growth and community benefits.

Practical Takeaways: From restructuring sales strategies to the simple act of picking up the phone, this episode is packed with practical advice that can be applied immediately to any business setting.

Key Quotes:

“Your unhappiest clients and customers are going to give you the best ideas.”
“The easier you make it to say no, the better quality of people you have saying yes.”
“I do all of this based on my framework that incorporates what I call the generosity culture, which allows people to be super successful by focusing on pouring into their people, their clients, and their community.”

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