Getting Paid for the VALUE You Deliver. It’s Happening Today and YOU NEED TO GET ONBOARD! Interview with Dana Strauss

In this episode, Jerry Durham engages in a captivating conversation with Dana Strauss, an expert in healthcare transformation. Together, they explore the dynamic landscape of healthcare delivery, focusing on innovative approaches to home care, accountable care models, and the evolving role of primary care providers.

Dana sheds light on the importance of building trust with patients and leveraging technology for e-consults, highlighting how these strategies contribute to improved patient outcomes and reduced costs. The discussion delves into the concept of primary specialty care, where primary care providers can access specialist knowledge without the need for immediate referrals, fostering a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to healthcare.

The conversation also touches on the significance of culture change within healthcare organizations and the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning towards value-based care. Dana shares insights into initiatives like the Medicare shared savings program and advanced investment payments, which provide financial support for practices seeking to embrace new care delivery models.

Listeners gain valuable insights into the future of healthcare delivery and the transformative potential of embracing innovation and accountability in patient care. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, policymaker, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, this episode offers compelling perspectives on the ongoing evolution of the healthcare landscape.

Tune in to explore how healthcare providers are reimagining care delivery to meet the needs of patients in a rapidly changing world.

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