Real-Time Healthcare Payer Benchmarks for Cigna - RPN in South Carolina

Accepting Cigna - RPN in South Carolina shouldn't be mysterious. We share our aggregate data -- whether you're a client of ours or not.

Cigna - RPN Benchmarks for Physical Therapy Practices in South Carolina

Real-Time Physical Therapy Practice Benchmarks in South Carolina

Average Reimbursement Per Visit

While negotiated reimbursement rates between Cigna - RPN and a healthcare provider are confidential, we can give you a general sense for Cigna - RPN's reimbursement rates by looking at the aggregate data across StrataPT's customers.

Recent Visit CPT Code Combinations

Data refreshed 5 hours ago
Codes and Units Units Total Reimbursement Average Per Unit
97110 x 2 (No Assistant), 97530 x 2 (No Assistant)
4 units @ $24.65 average per unit
$98.59 total reimbursement
97110 x 2 (Assistant), 97530 x 2 (Assistant)
4 units @ $24.29 average per unit
$97.17 total reimbursement

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