US Based Tech Support

All of our employees from tech support to billing specialists are located in the US. We don't outsource overseas and never will. Our clients deserve US-based support and shouldn't have to worry if it's raining in Uzbekistan!

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A True All-In-One System

We deliver a single system supported by a single company. We are not a compilation of multiple systems and multiple companies that claim to be "one" company, which can lead to integration failures and no accountability. Our clients deserve ONE solid system that is backed by a phenomenal team of specialists with a high level […]

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A Personalized Solution That Fits Your Needs

There is no red tape to cut through with StrataPT and chainsaws are never necessary! We are not a huge corporation with layers of management and politics that inhibit our product development. Our clients deserve to partner with a billing & EMR company that is willing to listen and willing to deliver custom solutions that […]

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Simple and Honest Pricing

Our all-inclusive pricing is simple and honest. No hidden fees, no start-up fees, no per-user fees, no training fees and no per facility fees. Just a straight percentage of collections. Our clients deserve a straight forward and honest pricing structure that isn't packed with add-on fees.

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Your Billing Simplified

When it comes to billing submission, we keep it simple. You complete your documentation, select your charges, select your units and wait for your payment to be deposited in your account. No filling out a paper chargesheet and faxing it to your billing company. Our clients LOVE that they can spend time focusing on patient […]

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Transparent Reporting Powered by Strata Clarity

Customers LOVE our Clarity Panel. They have full access to see every billing detail and follow up action being performed on every single patient. Our clients deserve to have a clear understanding of their accounts receivable status and what actions StrataPT is taking to collect every dollar owed to them. There shouldn't be any secrets.

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All-Inclusive Pricing with No Add-On Fees

We keep our pricing simple. We do not bait you with a low upfront cost and then surprise you with a list of add-on fees that looks like a sushi menu. Our clients deserve a simple pricing structure that is honest and easy to understand.

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Concierge Level Customer Service

We believe prompt and effective communication is absolutely vital to your success. Every single one of our clients has a dedicated account manager. Our average response time across all account managers is 14 minutes. Our clients deserve to have their questions thoroughly addressed in a timely manner.

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Customizable Documentation That Fits Your Practice Needs

Every patient is different. Every clinician is different. Everyone has their own way of documenting. You shouldn't be stuck documenting in stock templates that contain unnecessary clicks and endless details that don't pertain to your practice. Our clients LOVE that they can customize their documentation exactly as they see fit, rather than using a one-size […]

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Simplify Your Administrative Workflow

You strive to be paperless but you still have intake paperwork that your patients fill out before their evaluation. You request that they show up 15 minutes early to complete it, but some still show up 3 minutes prior to their evaluation cutting into billable time. What if you could electronically send them all their […]

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